Beyond the standard C.O.P.

Always Be Closing

We make the C.O.P. easier for you, so you can close your projects out in near real time, with a higher level of quality and care than previously achievable.

Our specialization and software will help you prevent return visits, lower costs, limit potentially service impacting issues, and deliver a superior product. Outsourcing your C.O.P. process will free up valuable time for your key people, and provide speed and consistency for your customers.

You give us your raw files, we give you a completed closeout package. It’s that simple.

Tell us about your project

Let us know what is needed to close out your sites, and the things you do to make your clients happy. 

We work with you to design or improve any necessary documents, develop a system for QA that suits your needs, and catalog all of the steps required to create a “golden standard” C.O.P.

We'll set up the system

A site and scope specific environment is then created by us in Swift Projects™ to reflect all of your processes and requirements, along with profiles that feed our testing analysis automation software.

We will populate your project with upcoming sites, help check for discrepancies or issues with construction documents, and provide training for your team prior to going live.

Execute the plan

We deliver live QA support for your crews prior to leaving the site, check for service affecting issues and potential punch items, and ensure all necessary C.O.P. materials are captured and accounted for.

Once all raw files are received, we complete your close out packages within one business day and provide you with a Quality Assessment Report for each site. This report documents critical details (such as timeline to completion, missing or failing deliverables, etc.) and utilizes a pass/fail system so that you can quickly assess whether a package is ready to submit to client.

Optimize Performance

After gathering sufficient data, we can begin to analyze performance and identify trends. At regular intervals during your project, we’ll present our findings and advise on ways to improve speed, reduce cost, and neutralize problems.

Get feedback on a site-by-site basis, as well as the tracking of key metrics and KPI’s whenever you need them most.

We provide exceptional closeout and quality assurance services.

There is no company in the industry that closes as many sites as quickly, and as accurately, as we do. From common deliverables to any project-specific requirements, we work with you to ensure nothing is missed. Our work for you doesn’t stop until every item necessary for invoice acceptance is submitted and approved.

We can also provide drone audit, photogrammetry, point clouds or any in-depth information you may need for your close out documentation.

Start digitizing your process and say goodbye to excuses.

Let us know about your project and how we can help.